🎵 MTftSB: Best intro 🎵

Don’t just want a YouTube link: tell me why ffs

Are we talking about tracks that are called ‘Intro’ or intros to other tracks?

or intros to albums OR WHAT

noah you’ve really dropped the ball here

Two that spring to mind: Kinky Afro and Animal Nitrate.

It’s the intro to Only Shallow, the sheer unbridled force of something so raw and powerful and alien that it’ll just bowl you over.


I love an intro where it kind of starts all ragged - and then suddenly the band all kick into gear

so this one

Or this one

It’s this (specifically the “That’s right, I said aliens” bit which always made me laugh):

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Intro to Teenage Riot. All that layering of vocals and guitars building up to Thurston’s riff and then the song sort of explodes.


Into The Valley by Skids. Love the build up and the guitars crashing in

Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now

I’m quite partial to intro to The Loom by Bark Psychosis. NO CHAT.

California Girls by the Beach Boys. It’s just a set of heavenly chords that seem to simultaneously have everything and nothing to do with what follows.

Good shout. Beach Boys could be in for several. God Only Knows, Good Vibrations, Wouldn’t it Be Nice…


Not quite sure when this stops being intro to be honest.

Stay With Me by The Faces.

Great riff. Nicely built up.


Indiscretion #243 by Aereogramme

Love that stop-start intro, great fun and also implies you’re going to be jerked about a bit on this record

During their legendary 1969 shows, Grateful Dead used to play a long, dreamy folk song called Mountains of the Moon as a long, dreamy introduction to the utterly transcendent Dark Star - the latter being a jam that could go on for up to 40 minutes.

You can hear an example of it here:

Not expecting you to listen to the entire 23 minutes, but it starts of aimless and murky, but then a few notes ring out and a groove is established - this is the start of Dark Star, and some of the most beautiful music ever recorded!

It’s great listening to live recordings from later years. They always used the same notes to announce Dark Star, and as the song became a rarity in their sets, you can always hear the crowd going mental once those notes are played.

Oh yeah something just otherworldly and mystifying about this isn’t there, seems to hook everyone


Long intro of keyboards and synths with keening guitar, slowly fading away… then four notes, repeated a few times, then drums, then the whole thing just bursts into glorious life:

One of my favourite moments from all music!


I like intros that follow the most cliched quiet-LOUD dynamic

So the opening to Arcarsenal by At the Drive-In

The opening to Blood & Thunder by Mastodon