Musical Rudol-nations: Formerly a Poll Thread

Got any musical ruminations? A burning deliberation about a band/artist/song that you’ve never been quite sure of the answer to? Please post them in this thread alongside a poll for the community to come to a consensus on what the correct answer to your musical rumination is. Thanks.

In the song ‘Girl’ by The Beatles, after saying 'giiiirrrrrlllll", The Beatles make a sound that sounds like “fffffffft”. This sound is the sound of:

  • The Beatles smoking on a weed cigarette
  • The Beatles all sucking their teeth because the girl is very attractive

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In the song ‘The Killing Moon’ by Echo & The Bunnymen, the chorus begins with the following lyric:

  • “Fate, up against your will”
  • “Fate of the gangster whale”

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When speaking about the band WU LYF in 2011, you were meant to pronounce WU LYF as:

  • World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation
  • Woo Life

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never heard of this song

almost never pay attention to lyrics


I’m beginning to suspect this isn’t the thread for me.

Is it not “Fate, up against the wall”?

(not going to google it)

It is fine to not know the answer to my questions, but do you have any (musical) questions of your own you’d like the community to answer?

  • You can’t see California without Marlon Brando’s EYES
  • you can’t see California without Marti Pellow’s ARSE

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No it’s either “Fate, up against your will”, or “Fate of the gangster whale”, I think.

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Who this?


thought this thread was going to be about when your tummy rumbles and it sounds like a song

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To be honest @japes , I am pretty done with this thread already and I wish I didn’t make it, so please feel free to take it in this direction if you wish.

the fall

  • hit the north!
  • hitler!

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  • Good once
  • Always been fairly shit to be quite tbqh

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Ah, don’t take my grumpy ramblings to heart! This will have legs.


  • Future of the left
  • Fat of the land
  • Fruit of the loom

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This thread is incredibly silly for a website that prides itself on serious musical discourse

it’s on the social board, so I think you’re alright.

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How many feathers has a purdue chicken?

  • Always the same number
  • It varies from chicken to chicken

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Is this…

  • The real life
  • Just fantasy

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