Musical things you were slow to realise


As a nipper, I loved the song Ebeneezer Goode by The Shamen.

I knew every word and it was my party trick in Primary School to recite them.

Was over ten years later that someone (probably here) pointed out that the chorus line was “Es Are Good”. I had taken it on literal value, thinking it was about a man named Ebeneezer.

I had no opinion on ecstasy at that age, so I hope no-one thought badly of my parents.

You got any of these?


Thought this 2002 banger was by Shy FX and T’Pau, not T-Power. “Good on her, Carol Decker’s made a very groovy comeback”


This is embarrassing and I’ve mentioned it before, but Blues Traveler’s Run Around video tricked me into thinking they had two lead singers. When my friend made me a cassette of Four, I spent a good year carefully trying to figure out which one sang which part.


I remember the song being controversial at the time for that reason, I remember thinking the media were mistaken as it was clearly a song about someone called ebenezer goode


Along similar lines, I had no idea what Pulp’s “Sorted for E’s and Whizz” was all about, and even quoted it to one of my teachers :neutral_face:


At the end of Velouria, the vocals spell out Velouria. Didn’t realise this until I heard a Grandaddy live cover of the song.


I thought the same as you until this very moment.


I was 8 when Robin Hood Prince of Thieves came out, and I got in an argument with my friend because he tried to tell me that it wasn’t Robin Hood singing Everything I Do in the music video and I just couldn’t understand that the main actor and the singer of the soundtrack weren’t one and the same.


Delroy Edwards is Ron Perlman’s son


Richey Edwards is the half-brother of famous triple-jumper Jonathan Edwards. Still freaks my nut out to this day.


I didn’t know until fairly recently that Ryan Patterson from Coliseum was Evan Patterson from Young Widows’s brother


The drums on Garbage’s ‘Stupid Girl’ are sampled from Train In Vain.
The piano riff in Oliver’s Army is pretty much the exact piano riff from Dancing Queen.


If you put a full stop after a note it makes it one and a half times as long


I finally made this connection minutes ago:

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That Black Francis pronounces the ‘un’ in ‘un chien andalusia’ incorrectly. It’s only taken me 27 years to notice.


Grandaddy’s The software slump is a play on the sophomore slump

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Artie “kick my ass” Fufkin in Spinal Tap is Paul Schaffer


Shania Twain was a bit impressed, just not very much. Always thought of it as her not being impressed at all.


Fallout boy is a simpsons reference

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Aliens Exist by Blink 182 was not intended as a metaphor.