Musical things you were slow to realise

lol i’ve never heard this song before but it sounds quite a lot like madlib doing quasimoto once you know it’s pitch shifted

Yeah I saw that when I was reading up about it. Still, it’s a perfect bit of lip synching in the video unlike Belgian techno anthem Pump Up The Jam

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despite hearing the song pretty much constantly on TV and nights out, I’ve only just clocked now that Want You Bad by The Offspring is about him wanting a girl to be bad because she’s too nice, not that he really wants her

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Where do you go out and can I come


You’d bloody love Satans Hollow on a Saturday tbf


Not a huge Kinks guy but I’ve definitely seen that album more than once while flicking through records and never made the connection


I always assumed a lineman was someone who worked on the train lines. It sounds like the sort of song that would be about some sort of old railroad man (clearly never paid enough attention to the lyrics).

I knew it wasn’t about a linesman though obviously


After all we’ve been through together and this?!

Gideon Coe’s dad Tony, played sax saxophone on John Martyn’s Solid Air album.

*and by all accounts was an all round successful jazz musician & composer

It took me a while to realise the lyrics of Witchita Lineman are not necessarily about himself. It’s things he can hear other people saying to each other while he’s on the liiiiinnnneeeee.

I like to imagine Glen Campbell listening in to someone else saying, “And I need you more than want you and I want you for all time” and making a note of it while halfway up a telegraph pole.

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Yeah never knew this. Was only a few years ago I discovered London Calling is a homage to an Elvis cover (I hate Elvis).

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It is Deloused in the Comatorium, not Deloused in the Crematorium. Must have seen it written down dozens of times over the years, but only just spotted it and thought it must be a typo. Weird.


Wow, yeah me too

I’ve been listening to this indie pop radio show on mixcloud regularly for the last few months, its named after a Tullycraft song and the hosts just have such an extensive knowledge of the genre and they get loads of amazing guests on (Amelia Fletcher was on a recent one) too.

I just found out it’s actually cohosted by the singer from Tullycraft and his wife. Which explains so much, not least why they have a proper edit of the song as an opening theme.


It’s not “and a come on from the warzone: seventh avenue”.


They do exist - not clear why they opted to use them in the video though


The absolute banger from Disney’s Mulan, I’ll Make a Man Out of You, is sung by… Donnie Osmond.

Did not know this. Also just seen that it was written by Matthew Wilder who I had previously assumed had only one claim to fame i.e. Break My Stride

in she moves in her own way by the kooks he’s saying “at my show on monday” not “happen-so on monday” like how my grandma would start an anecdote