Musical things you were slow to realise

I had never even thought about that but I don’t know who they are. I mean I’ve heard the name but couldn’t tell you which band they’re in.

Jane’s Addiction singer. It’s pretty bad

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I’ve been listening to them since the 90’s and never noticed :open_mouth:

I had no idea either, I thought it was his real name


The Harmonica bits are from Once Upon a Time in the West

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That Fatboy nothing more than a thief

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You do know the song is also a cover?

I did know that much


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  1. Inspiral Carpets and The Wonderstuff are not the same band.

  2. Kirsty MacColl did backing vocals on The Wonderstuff’s Welcome To The Cheap Seats (tune!) - which is really fucking obvious when your hear it.

The vocal was sped up independently of the music, if I remember correctly. Don’t ask me why.

Edit: Oops just realised someone else replied to this months ago. I’ll stop being annoying and shuffle off now …

She also did that Jona Lewie song (not Stop The Calvary)

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E-Street Shuffle

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The chorus of Slave to the Wage by Placebo isn’t “Its a race for us to die”. :exploding_head:

Not mine, but my partner used to think the lyrics to No Limit by 2 Unlimited were “no no / no no no no / no no no no / no no there’s no LYRICS”, because they couldn’t be bothered to write any more lyrics to the song once they’d got the chorus.


Ah the old ‘posting for a friend’ routine eh

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Pretty sure it’s a song all about the restrictions of spending your entire life stood in the garden, fishing in the pond.

Did the song title not give it away

I mean that was how the Spitting Image parody went which people sang a load so maybe they just assumed people were being serious?

Like how when TFI Friday was big people only sang “It’s your letters” to the chorus of that Reef song if it was played.

I remember reading a review of a Jane’s Addiction gig where Perry Farrell was described as ‘A man who is precisely half as intelligent as he thinks he is’. Maybe there’s something in that, as I thought it was just his name for ages too.

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