Musical things you were slow to realise

This a cracking example of that sort of thing. Local garage takes out radio advert on local radio, local clubbers adopt the jingle :joy:

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Whoa - wtaf!!

This ‘Hum’ artist I kept seeing on people’s end of year lists are the same Hum that were active in the 1990s and they realised a new album this year. I literally didn’t know about this until today and before today thought ‘Inlet’ was an album by some new artist called Hum I’d never heard of.

Anyway, listened to it for the first time today. It’s great.


The album Ohms could have been. Or does that belong in the hot takes thread?

I haven’t listened to Ohms, but I’ll take a singer who sounds like the guy from Llama Farmers over Chino Moreno anyday!

I often wondered which American singer that guy was trying to copy. Maybe it was the guy from Hum all along.

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Andydicktracymorganfreeman was a good one of those. I have absolutely no recollection of what they sounded like.

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Buckcherry is a spoonerism of Chuck Berry


Low-key the best album of 2020. Arguably the best album they’ve released, and a reminder of how awesome they are. Wasn’t old enough to remember them first time around and discovered them (possibly on here) in the mid-noughties. Amidst all the shite last year had to throw, Inlet was a cause of celebration for me! It’s just fucking class.


Bright Pink Bookmark on Midnight Organ Fight is a reprise of The Greys

I listened to so few albums last year that, had I listened to Inlet only three days earlier, it would have been my album of the year, such is the arbitrary nature of doing things by calendar year and why I wish I wasn’t compelled to compile end of year lists every New Years Eve.

Not sure if this counts as ‘slow to realise’ or ‘just plain didn’t know that’ or ‘I’ve been hoodwinked by wikipedia nonsense’, but according to the wikipediia page for the first Sundays album, Reading, Writing and Arithmatic, the ‘Reading’ part of the title is a reference to their home town, so I presume it’s supposed to be pronounced like the Berkshire city, not the act of reading.

I have no idea where to look to verify this. The citation references a page I can’t access.

Tbf I thought that Burn After Reading was pronounced like the city.

Berne After Reading?