Musical things you were slow to realise

No, seems official.


The Longcut is the opposite of shortcut.


I refuse to believe anyone has ever claimed they took ‘the longcut’



I’ve only heard it as a pisstake, e.g. my dad was always a fan of ‘longcuts’ when we were out and about, i.e. a ‘shortcut’ that would somehow take twice as long as the normal route. I have, of course, inherited this trait as all dads do.

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This video was filmed in Belfast

this is really good. the original is too heavy-handed, but this is more subtle.

assumed it was a different Sia when she came back into the popular consciousness

There were all those news stories about how a farmer told her off after letting her film in his field


Oh now that’s a very good one.

Dario G, of Sunchyme fame, is not from mainland Europe, but is from Crewe (and they’re named after Dario Gradi).

@marckee is watching the same awful channel 5 show as me!

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(I had lumped them/him in with the likes of Sash!)

Me too! Especially with all the Sash stuff in the programme (he seemed a nice enough bloke).

Had not clicked the Dream Theatre sample before either.

Win Butler’s DJ name is DJ Windows 98.

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Hope he begins and ends each gig with a rave version of Windowsill

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Having watched Young Guns on TV last night I have only just learned that is where the sample at the beginning of Warren G & Nate Dogg’s Regulate comes from. Thought I was hallucinating at first, had to rewind and get my wife to verify they actually spoke those lines.

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Dan Wilson, the singer out of Semisonic, co-wrote Someone Like You with Adele.

The ‘Lake’ in Emerson, Lake & Palmer is none other than Greg Lake, who I only knew as the guy who sang ’ I Believe in Father Christmas’. Turns out he was also in King Crimson!

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