Musical things you were slow to realise

I still have to check if the Nirvana track is called Sliver or Silver TBH.

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one of the co-writers on Hello is quite something

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Yeah that chorus samples Gary Glitter, but I think that was a couple of years before it all came out about him (maybe I’m wrong and it was an open secret beforehand though).

Step Out was the other one around that time where he had to share credit with Stevie Wonder and others, but he was quite open about having ripped off Uptight for that, and I think he generally is pretty brazen about what songs he rips off (which is why I’m inclined to believe him when he says he didn’t knowingly do it with Whatever).

Yes, Glitter wasn’t found out for another 2 years and I’m pretty sure there were no prior signs it would happen.

Married with Children is essentially the chord progression from Lithium and obviously Cigs & Alcohol sounds massively like T-Rex. It always felt a bit random as to who was actually sued for stuff in the 90s. I assume a lot to do with which act had the most clout behind their labels.

It was a disgraceful court action - so ridiculous. I mean a company buying the rights to a children’s song form 70 years earlier

And was apparently the major factor in the death of Greg Ham who played that flute part in Down Under

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