Musical things you were slow to realise

always thought Losing My Edge was, ahem, inspired by Killing Joke’s Change

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“Duke” Ellington is so called because of the Duke of Wellington? Or maybe not.

We had the keyboards at school that this used the presets from, so would just play it constantly


They were so good

Slow to realise- Nu Rave was a fucking great year looking back


A lot of recent Bad Seeds stuff is just synth presets (which is fine, people don’t seem to have a problem with 99% of electric guitars on record sounding close to identical)


Presets are brilliant and exist for a reason - stuff instantly sounds good with them! Obviously it’s great to make your own cool sounds, but if you just want stuff to sound nice easily it’s what they’re there for.

Nu rave coincided with my working on my student paper and thinking I wanted to be the next Lester Bangs. Went to the interview the Sunshine Underground when they came to town as part of the NME tour with Klaxons and New Young Pony Club. I took a big bag of Haribo Tangfastics and we had a nice chat. When I mentioned that I’d bought a ticket to the gig they told me to flog it and said they’d put me on the guest list.

A middling band, but a GBOL.


My shit link to ‘fame’ is that I know two of them, and can confirm


Couple of bangers to be fair to them and yeah good lads

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Bobby Womack married Sam Cooke’s ex wife 3 months after he died, then had an affair with his step daughter when she was 17 (Sam Cooke’s daughter).

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So wild I looked this up because I wondered which of them was the wife in Womack and Womack, so now I’ve been slow to realise Bobby Womack had nothing to do with them.

Also, the Womack/Cooke story is grim but I was surprised to discover Barbara Cooke was 10 years older than Bobby and when the affair with Linda Cooke happened he was then 26, so not the ageing creep creep I’d been picturing.

Got NoahVale on mute?

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I liked that but it was 5 years ago, maaaaaaan


Had the two members of Shakespears Sister completely mixed up until recently.

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Shakespeares Sister-related, but I only realised that Stay becomes absolutely freaking wild halfway through. I’ve had it on playlists and so on for years but somehow, despite loving the first half, I’d simply not noticed that it just totally lifts off for the last two minutes!

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Always thought there’s no way the 2nd half of that song is sung by someone from bananarama so it must be the other one!

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It is the other one isn’t it?

No, the second half is sung by Siobhan Fahey

Do you mean the bridge with the low singing or the bit that goes really high after that? The really high bit is Marcella Detroit

Marcella Detroit sings ballad bit at the start, and then Siobhan Fahey comes in at about 2 minutes and does the vampy second part, when it all changes up. Then Detroit does the final bit.