Musical things you were slow to realise

There are many great songs on Hormonally Yours, and this is probably my favourite other than Stay

Very fond of the Heroes-esque guitars in particular


One of my favourite album openers, that.

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I always thought the first chord for Floyds Dogs was d sus7 - it’s not. It’s d min 9

Fuck it

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The Soft Pink Truth is Drew Daniel from Matmos. Although I’ve barely heard anything by them, I’ve been familiar with the name for a while. I heard this Coil cover last night when listening to The Quietus’ top 50 tracks of 2022 and investigated.

Been a big fan of Thei Hired Hand soundtrack for ages, just found out Bruce Langhorne may have been who Mr Tambourine Man is about

Understandable if true

That Fishbone created SOAD with advent of this song…

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Fishbone! Fuck me, that’s a blast from the past. I remember loving Sunless Saturday when it came out, but I don’t think I’ve heard a single other song from them (aside from the b-side to that single).

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that the single version of Gigantic is significantly different from the album version.

Only took about 30 years


Hope by The Smashing Pumpkins (a beautiful instrumental that wouldn’t be out of place on an ambient album) was written back in 1985 / 1986 by a teenage Corgan.

pfft call yourself a fan and you didn’t know Billy Corgan wrote the songs


The single versions of Staircase and The Daily Mail are both live takes, recorded for their KOL From The Basement episode.

Thanks, What Is Music? Podcast


In the song “Work It” by Missy Elliott, the reversed bit is “Ti esrever dna ti pilf nwod gnaht ym tup i”
which is the previous line “I put my thang down, flip it and reverse it” in reverse

Always assumed it was a profanity / radio edit thing


I thought Drain You was called Brain You from the ages of about 10 to 16 because of my Dad’s handwriting on the cassette he recorded for me


I had a tape of Peter Gabriel’s So that my mum’s mate made from the LP but he’d never put the track titles on it. And when my dad was visiting once he heard it and thought it was great so asked me to copy it, which I did on my tape-to-tape.

I just titled all the songs after the obvious chorus line when I wrote the insert. Then years later I felt really guilty in case dad had made some embarrassing reference to a song by the wrong title. It wasn’t until I finally got a copy of my own on CD cheap that I discovered those pretty much were all the names.


The Tiny Desk is actually in a pretty big room:


Nooooooooo! Everything I know is a lie!


Next you’re going to tell me that Cheryl Waters from KEXP is a secret Republican or something :sob:

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Here’s a 360 degree video of it (click through to youtube to change the angle)


It’s a pretty big desk too, tbf

Blatant false advertising