Musical things you were slow to realise

Desk is tiny compared to size of the room.



Has it always been that way? Just wondering if it originally started in a very cramped room but the popularity forced them to recreate it as a set in this large space.

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Is it only me who’s thinking ’That’s a pretty average sized office’



Only recently found out that the lyric ‘and nothing to get hung about’ from The Beatles ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ is literal, taken from Lennon’s childhood memory rumour that children would get hung if found in the grounds of Strawberry Field by members of the Salvation Army.

I always interpreted it to mean that it’s nothing to get emotionally hung up about it. Really like that line now, now that I know the context.


So… literally what is the point of it? Thought it was some cool shop or something. Instead it’s just a gig… but with a desk in the way

Is it bad that my first instinct is to be annoyed with Lennon for saying hung instead of hanged.

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It’s Bob (the presenter)'s desk, or at least so he says in the video. This doesn’t really go anywhere towards explaining a point as such. What’s the point of anything really, I suppose!

I went to see Sumac a few years ago. They normally have Brian Cook (of Russian Circles, Botch and TAAS on bass). However, when I saw them they had some weird beardy guy with a grey beard on bass. I just thought, “oh, that’s the roadie or something because Brian couldn’t make it”. It was a great gig, but I was slightly disappointed.

It’s only after trawling through Wikipedia yesterday after looking at the credits for Lysol by the Melvins (absolutely banging album BTW) that I realised the guy playing bass with Sumac that night was the legendary Joe Preston, who played on Harvey Milk’s Life…The Best Game in Town, Lysol (of course) and High on Fire, among other amazing acts. If anything I should have been grateful!


Rosario Dawson guested on Speakerboxx/The Love Below

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Well except I think he is actually making exactly the pun of ‘hung up’ and ‘hanged’ so it’s okay, I reckon.

It says that everything has to fit behind that desk, so I guess that’s the point? A small gig in a corner.

Not sure if he did intend it as a pun(?), although there may be an duality of meaning. However, according to The Beatles experts that I’ve recently listened to the general consensus is that he meant it literally. For what it’s worth Wikipedia states that as well:

Yeah I just think when you look at the history of his writing he seems like weird plays on words or generally strange poetic styles so I can imagine he saw how it could be interpreted.

Ain’t nobody by Rufus & Chaka Khan

I only found out yesterday that Rufus is not a person but in fact a band!? :exploding_head:


I like to imagine them as a band made up entirely of men called Rufus

“Morning Rufus!” Says Chaka Khan

“Hey Chaka Khan” say the band in unison


Legitimately blown away by this one. Absolutely no idea until 5 minutes ago.


That the woman’s voice in this is also Positive K


Absolute banger as well


Mind was blown last weekend when I discovered that ‘New York, New York’ by Frank Sinatra was recorded in 1980! I consider myself pretty knowledgeable but I never would have even guessed this. Always assumed it was 50s/60s!


Similarly it was recorded for the Martin Scorsese film that I always assumed was named after it.