Musical tribute to Finland - 100 years of independence

My home country Finland is today celebrating 100 years of independence <3

I wanted to create a simple tribute that combines music with the beautiful finnish nature. Felt fitting. Hope you guys enjoy the video!


Let’s chat Finnish music then!

Love me some Valdislav Delay - Tummaa is one of my favourite ambient techno albums. His whole discography is worth checking out, along with his various pseudonyms.

And I was obsessed with the Paavoharju’s Yhä hämärää when I was younger. Amazing blend of folk and electronica.


Not music board related, but I’m going dog-sledding in Finland in January. Well excited!

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Paavoharju I don’t know, but Vladislav Delay is one of my favourites as well <3 There are many interesting artists from Finland. A few groups I’d like to mention:

Absoluuttinen Nollapiste is one of the most important finnish prog rock groups ever and this is their magnum opus:

Moonsorrow is one of the best pagan metal groups and they started their career with an excellent and intense album:

22 Pistepirkko is a true classic rock group and I think their single Birdy probably was sort of known outside of Finland back in the day:


Here is a short playlist of some cover versions I’ve made of finnish tunes

Wonderful - i’ll check these out. Finnish music seems to fly under the radar vs. Iceland and Sweden.

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I think it’s sort of a decision thing, only very few finnish artists tend to even try to get publicity outside of Finland. Often the reason is language, but I think it’s also a matter of ambition I guess. Many tend to be content with staying inside Finland and not even try to make it outside. But then again a few bands that have made it have made it quite big like Nightwish

Fun fact: one of the members of the trance sensation Above & Beyond was actually my elder brother’s schoolmate back in high school and I often saw them together producing techno in my brother’s room.

I’m currently listening to a live concert on Radio 3 celebrating 100 years of independence. Sibelius (of course).

Looking forward to checking out your recommendations.

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Mana Mana <3 When it comes to names:

Mana Mana doesn’t really mean anything
Domovoyd doesn’t really mean anything, sounds more like russian to me
Oranssi Pazuzu - orange Pazuzu (I presume Pazuzu is a name)
Sammal - moss, the green stuff that grows on stones
Atomikylä - atom village

When it comes to nationalism, I personally am really lenient. Of course I understand the value of independence and sovereign nation that is actually one of the less corrupted ones in the whole world, but then again I have always been quite anti-military and anti-war kind of guy, a bit of an idealist really. I personally think that the only way for humanity to survive on the long run is to finally achieve some kind of “everyone on the same boat” kind of system with no borders and differences between countries and then we have to aim for the stars as a humanity instead of a collection of warring tribes. Also I find it morally ambivalent that most of the living quality is actually built on cheap work in other countries and while we reap the profits and good stuff, we leave most of the problems there and just say deal with it. So I guess it all comes down to a kind of “it’s all quite complex and there are no simple ways to look at things”.

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Ah, didn’t remember the name :slight_smile:

Yes indeed. I personally think that the most important concept to put everything in perspective is to realise that each and everyone could be very well be anybody else. So we all are in the same boat and everything we do or don’t do to others we effectively do to ourselves. There is no reason I was born just this person I am, it just happened and I got dealt this kind of hand to play with. Hence I try to put at least some effort into trying to make this place a bit better to everybody else because I happened to be really, really, really lucky and most of the things I have had possibility to lean on have not been in any way my personal prowess but just the cascade effect from the fact that I just happened to be born here.

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I wonder if there’s even been a discussion about Finnish hardcore on here before? I reckon pound for pound the best hardcore scene in the world during the early '80s. Love the way all the bands made absolutely no concessions to the international hardcore scene (all had Finnish band names and none sang in English) and were happy to develop their sound pretty much in isolation. Seems to tally with what you were saying about the bands not being bothered about making it outside of Finland - from what I know, most of the bands weren’t even bothered about playing outside of their own towns.

I read somewhere that Finnish is basically the perfect language for hardcore vocals because it has so many hard consonants and exaggerated long vowels, so the singers could be singing about flowers and puppies but still sound super hard just by singing in their native tongue. When combined with the extreme drinking that most of them seemed to enjoy, these bands sound pretty unhinged. It’s totally awesome.

Anyway, here’s my top 5 Finnish hardcore records to celebrate 100 years of Finnish independence. Congratulations Finland! - here’s to another 100

Terveet Kädet - Aareton Joulu 7"

Rattus - Rajoitettu Ydinsota 7”

Varaus ‎– 1/2 LP

Kaaos - Totaalinen Kaaos 7”

Kuolema - Noise from the Sick City 7"

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Is always the first/only person that springs to my mind.

22 Pistepirkko played at the 12 Bar on Denmark Street maybe five or six or seven years ago. Great band.

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They were from Birmingham, but the Renegades made their home in Finland so I think they can be counted as a Finnish band.

Absolute banger

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