Musicians/artists using AI in their work

Holly Herndon, of course.

This is also worth a read

Paul Simon


Ash Koosha was behind the “auxuman creation” of YONA

There’s quite a bit used in this video

This is a track where Holly used AI to produce the vocals replicating her voice. I like that she deliberately left some glitches.

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Everything Everything developed an AI bot (called Kevin) to create lyrics from multiple online sources but since Jon Higgs is a surrealist lyricist it’s pretty much impossible to tell which parts are human and which AI, which is kind of the conceptual point I guess.

I’ve been running songs through Adobe’s speech enhancer (which is still in beta stage) purely for the glitches. Produces some interesting results

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I’ve spent all morning trying to find the artist who made an album using text-to-audio prompts. It was patten

Dunno really, not much different from sampling, I’m ok with it in principle.