Musicians from the 60s/70s whose reputations aren't tarnished in some way or another

Following on from the Bowie thread: could we maybe list some bands / artists from his era who either kept a clean reputation or (preferably) were a force for good in their time?

(For avoidance of doubt, I don’t want this thread to turn into any kind of apologism for people’s behaviour. I’m sure this didn’t really need saying, but just in case).

Bob Dylan’s worst crime is merely being grumpy

Neil Young




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that, and wiggle wiggle

I’m looking at this picture and imagining that the bass is a mandolin and that Macca is about 2 feet tall.


Tarnished his reputation by being dead


This implies that he existed in the first place.

Brian Wilson spent the whole 70s and 80s in bed, so that kept him relatively out of the way. Plus the Beach Boys were all massive squares anyway…

Leonard Cohen

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The Boss



I thought the implication was that his connection with Charles Manson was that CM provided ‘young’ girls from his cult for BW to sleep with?

Stevie Wonder
Smokey Robinson
Dolly Parton

that was Dennis Wilson, not Brian


Brian was probably more the victim than anything else, pretty much throughout his life. Their dad Murry was a frustrated musician and all-round massive dickhead, who beat him hard enough that he’s been partially-deaf in his right(?) ear most his life, and then had to deal with Eugene Landy being a controlling/manipulative influence, and forcing him to look like John Cusack.

Nowadays he seems like he’s in a better place, but it’s a bit tricky to tell. At the very least, he’s got Al Jardine in his touring band, and Al seems a pretty solid guy.

I think Serge Gainsbourg just spent his time pretending to be incredibly dodgy rather than actually being dodgy.

Brian wrote this: