Musicians reacting to you on Twitter

Twitter launched 16 years ago today and it got me thinking back to a few of the magic moments when some of my favourite musicians have engaged with me or DiS (or 6 Music when I was doing that)

Has any musician you’re a big fan of (or not) reacted to you on Twitter?

For me, few things are gonna too Hayley from Paramore sharing this review and later discovering many people started reading the site because of their shared enthusiasm for the band


I recommended a Mark Fisher book to Braids and they liked the tweet



Deerhoof liked the second tweet


Most unexpected one - I replied to a James Yorkston tweet about his podcast once asking if there was any way it could be made available on Acast. He said he wasn’t sure and then Acast and another podcast platform chimed in to talk him through how to do it, and I wrote back a jokey “All this effort just for me, what a honour”.

The Yorkston interaction wasn’t surprising (he seems quite approachable on social media) but that last jokey tweet was liked by Will Oldham.


I got a like off Neko Case and cried for a week. That’s the level of fame interaction I am at.


I was always more of a MySpace person :triumph:


I can see why bands want to know what people think of their music, but bands arguing with people who don’t like their new release or whatever seems pretty daft.

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I got a like off Courtney Love a year or two ago on Instagram



I’ve had a couple if brief twitter conversationd with Jonah Matranga, though that’s probably true of every single person who likes his music abd has an account.

LIINES have responded to a few of my tweets about their gigs, which is fully consistent with Zoe their singer being one of the loveliest people, who genuinely seems taken aback that people like them and turn up to gigs.

Alex Reid follows me on Instagram

Efterklang used to watch all my instagram stories


Don’t know why, don’t know how - but one of the Cocteau Twins follows me on Twitter


Remember when Kanye West only followed one person on Twitter and it was like some jamook from Reading or something

Tweeted about not liking ghostpoet’s album like 10 years ago and he searched his own name and started giving me grief about it. Didn’t tag him. It was a shit album sorry

In around 2006 I posted something saying that I missed out on tickets to Bella Union’s 10th anniversary and I was sad cos I’d like to see The Dears again. One of The Dears saw it and put me on their guestlist :pleading_face: which was dead nice of them.


Sometimes RP Boo will like a picture of my cat on twitter


I did a tweet after Simon Reynolds’ conceptronica article about how I would have called it “meaning-core” and it got somehow liked by Reynolds himself, both of Matmos, Telefon tel Aviv, and a bunch of other electronic folx

This is the best haha

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I followed Petey Dammit, who was bassist in Thee Oh Sees up to Floating Coffin, on instagram a while back when I spotted him interacting with some Irish bands I follow. He followed me back and likes a lot of my posts and sometimes DMs in reply to my stories, we’ve chatted about Taskmaster a lot. What a nice man.