Musicians who have changed their name during their career



Black Francis / Frank Black / Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV

I know the distinction was from when he was in the Pixies to when he went solo, but now Pixies are animating their rotting corpse of an existence again, I never know which one to refer to him as. Don’t make me Google it.

Prince / Prince Rogers Nelson / Ƭ̵̬̊ / The Artist Formerly Known As Prince

Bold statement to make, fair play to the guy.

Sean John Combs / Puff Daddy / Puffy / P. Diddy / Diddy / Love / Brother Love

A bit silly.


Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV


Johnny Cougar > John Cougar > John Cougar Mellencamp > John Mellencamp


Andrew Cole


EDITED after a google to make it more comprehensive

steven demetre georgiou > cat stevens > yusuf islam > yusuf


Tim Darcy of Ought was formerly Tim Beeler of Ought.

That’s all I’ve got.


Palace Brothers / Palace Music / Palace Songs / Palace / Will Oldham / Bonnie “Prince” Billy / Bonnie Billy


Jim McGuinn -> Roger McGuinn


Abs Breen --> Abs Love --> Abz Love


Kurdt Cobain --> Kurt Cobain


Aphex Twin --> Richard D. James

that’s the only one of his, I’m pretty sure.


Billy Corgan --> William Patrick Corgan III


Mel B --> Mel G --> Mel B


The police to Sting


Sounded too much like Ian Beale to be taken seriously. Wise decision.


Manitoba–> caribou


>John mellencamp and the infinite cougars


Jeff Mangum > Geoff Magnum > International Soft Man


Can’t think of any. Sorry.


Cat Stevens / Yusuf Islam