Musicians you once adored - where are they now?


It’s been a while since we’ve done a thread like this. Nominate someone and let’s see who knows their whereabouts

I’ll kick off… know Sam from Hope of the States is now running two restaurants. What are the rest of them doing? I wasn’t able to recall when replying to someone on Facebook. One of them is in Rival Consoles, right?


Morrissey is quietly retired, drinking tea and musing on past glories.


Jeff Buckley - dead


Ant Theaker is a producer these days. Worked with him a couple of times. Lovely gent.


There was a great thread about this on old DiS. David Line from Seafood is now a farmer at a vineyard.


Simon Jones has started a label i believe. Mike Hibbert was in Chapel Club.

There is a great HOTS fan page on FB, by the way. Simon post on it a lot


Didn’t know this. Loved HOTS and went to see Chapel Club too.


I’m a huge fan of Velocity Girl and Madder Rose. Not sure what the band members are up to now.


Genuinely wondered what Michelle from Destiny’s Child was up to when I saw the title. Turns out she’s not even the first Michelle Williams that comes up when you put her name into Google, that’s got to sting. She works on Broadway now (actually in plays mind, not in the WH Smith on Broadway or owt like that).


I wonder what the lads from My Vitriol are up to these days


I’m sure I read somewhere that Som had successfully moved into a career in project management…


was thinking the other day that it was a shame that none of Ikara Colt ever reappeared in any other acts (that i know of). they were awesome


Gantt chart (0 rows)


I reckon I could probably Google what Martin Rossiter (?) from Gene is up to these days. Likewise Crispin from The Longpigs


He lives in Brighton, where he works as a music teacher for BIMM,[8] and artist development officer at Access to Music.[9] He has three children.[10]

Good for him.


Crispin Hunt, chairman of the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors (BASCA),


Paul the singer worked for a big management agency for a number of bands, not sure if he’s still in the game though.


Used to adore The Crocketts in the late 90’s/early 2000’s. Singer Davy MacManus then did The Crimea for a while until he trained to become a nurse eventually moving to one of the poorest parts of South Africa to open a clinic.


Google ‘Dominic Chad therapist’. Top result. That’s him from Mansun.


One of the guys in my favourite local band from my teenage years now uses that bands name as his twitter handle / company name. Which appears to flog greetings cards.