Musicians you've seen at gigs

Considering London has one of the most vibrant live music scenes in the world, very rarely if ever see musicians at gigs - too much of a busman’s holiday, maybe. In fact, over the years I’ve only ever seen one musician attend shows and that was Trembling Bell’s Alex Neilson, who has also played with Bonnie Prince Billy, Current 93, Jandek, Richard Youngs etc

Back in the day we both knew a live music promoter, so as casual acquaintances we’d chat at shows.

Have you seen any musicians attend gigs?

Saw Tim Booth at Nick Cave in the summer.

When I saw Saint Vitus at the Fleece there was some hipster dickhead walking around. I was judging him so hard. Then Wino gave Jus Osborn a shoutout and it all clicked into place

I once saw the lead singer of Boy Kill Boy at a Babyshambles gig. Which is not exactly a top class ‘I was there moment’.


Saw Jarvis Cocker (with Chris Morris, no less) at the Arcade Fire gig at ULU way back in 2005.


I thought I saw Green Gartside at a Nina Nastassia gig a while ago. Might not have been him though

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A long time ago was watching scout niblett support Bonnie Prince Billy in Brighton, and realised I was stood next to nick cave, Warren Ellis and a couple of other bad seeds. The whole thing was pretty fucking cool. See nick and sometimes warren around town from time to time, and it always makes my day.


There were quite a few at these new Puritans at heaven maybe 5/6 years ago. Can’t remember who else but the wild beasts lads were there

Saw J Willgoose from Public Service Broadcasting at Haiku Salut in Hackney last year - that’s about it for me, although slightly different but also saw a couple of the Bad Seeds members at the opening night screening of One More Time with Feeling

Saw Van Morrison dancing(!!!) at a Brian Wilson show. I’m gonna have loads of these.


Most of Los Campesinos! at a Parenthetical Girls show at the Lexington

Arctic Monkeys (and Richard Ayoade) at a Pivot (AKA PVT) gig at the 100 Club 10 years ago
Stood next to Nigel Godrich at a Jonny Greenwood + LCO gig at the Roundhouse
That’ll do for now.

I went to see Perfume Genius and Johnny Foreigner (separate gigs) in Bath with the singer of this band (LC not PG)

Chris Martin at one of Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible warm-up shows.
Kele Okereke and Kelly Osborne at Patrick Wolf at the Bloomsbury Theatre.
One of Razorlight at a Black Francis warm up show at The Social (Chris Morris was apparently there too)
Romeo from the Magic Numbers at Joanna Newsom
Those Dancing Days at a Black Kids gig (the most 2008 sentence I’ve ever written).

Was that arcade fire show at St Johns?

Tim from Les Savy Fav at an Earth gig at the Underworld. He is MASSIVE.

Also saw Will Smith at the side of the stage for Wicked Wisdom (his wife’s awful band) at Download.

I went to one at St Johns and one at Porchester Hall, but can’t remember which one CM was at.

I saw Julian Barratt at one at St. John’s, was a hot ticket

Another one for Jarvis Cocker, this time at one of the Kate Bush gigs a few years back

A couple that spring to mind:

Jon Hopkins watching Orbital at Brixton Academy several years ago.

Andrew Weatherall at Confidence Man at the Scala earlier this year.

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