Musicians you've seen at gigs


Another one for Jarvis Cocker, this time at one of the Kate Bush gigs a few years back


A couple that spring to mind:

Jon Hopkins watching Orbital at Brixton Academy several years ago.

Andrew Weatherall at Confidence Man at the Scala earlier this year.


Gwen Stefani at a Mogwai show at the ICA.


Gwen Stefani at a Mogwai show at the ICA.

:open_mouth: :open_mouth:


Yeah, I was pretty much doing that face too!


Lee Ranaldo (+ his touring band) at Julia Holter
Thurston Moore at Lucinda Williams (+ just walking about in London generally - the guy sticks out)
Loads of people from a whole bunch of bands at Radiator Hospital last year.


Used to see the guys from the Boosh quite a lot at shows back then. Mischa Barton and Lily Cole too.


Oh, forgot the most recent one- Taylor Schilling (Piper from Orange Is The New Black) at Holly Miranda at The Islington.


Johnny Marr waved at us on the way out of Radiohead

Also there was a kid up on the same balcony who dabbed for the crowd


Jarvis Cocker (again) @ Brixton Academy for Nick Cave’s Lyre of Orpheus tour in 2004.


My mate from school is one of The Horrors and we went to a Radiohead gig at shepherds bush in 2003 and he called David Gray a cunt to his face


Forest Swords knowing all the words to the songs at the last ever Wild Beasts gig in Hammersmith. Jon Hopkins and Nadine Shah were also there.


Thurson Moore. Everywhere.


I saw Jarvis Cocker at a Sunn 0))) in 2006. I was so pissed I staggered up to him and exclaimed “if you’re not Jarvis Cocker then I’m John Fashnu”. He went along with it, thankfully.


I was at that one too. Julia Davis was with them. Chris Morris was very angry at how packed the place was.


Not counting people at festivals they were playing at:

Bobby Gillespie at a Spiritualized gig in Camden (a few years back)
Stuart Braithwaite at a Primal Scream gig at Brixton Academy (around the time of CODY)
Sadly I have not seen Jason Pierce at a Mogwai gig, but will work on this.
Luka Buda from the Phoenix Foundation at Wellington gigs.


MF DOOM at a Ghostface show


Dean Blunt at Shabazz Palaces


What had David Gray done?


Thom Yorke (and Stewart Lee) at Ride, Oxford
Bobby Gillespie, JAMC, some of Curve and others at MBV’s first shows back
Paul Hawkins at Zonino