Musicians you've seen at gigs


Miki from Lush at a Julia Holter gig at Oval Space before their reunion gigs. I had a five minute chat with her. Lovely person.


Cancer Bats watching ISIS when they played in Oxford about 10 years ago


It was Porchester hall. I chatted to him in the stairwell after they did their encore there. Seemed like a decent sort.


Nothing. It was dead harsh


Nick Lowe at the Shacklewell Arms a couple of years ago is one very notable name for me.


Michael Wood, he once of The Broken Family Band, seems to have exactly the same taste in music as me. Pretty much see him at every London show I go to


PJ Harvey at a Mars Volta gig
Björk at a Battles gig
Skin (Skunk Ananse) at a Bloc Party gig
Stewart Lee everywhere
Steve Lamacq everywhere


Saw Charlotte Church at a Charlotte Churcb gig , she was onstage


I stood next to Ghostface Killah and his entourage watching Stars of the Lid at an ATP. He looked genuinely baffled and walked off after about 20 mins while disapprovingly nodding his head.


In the early 2000s, Jack & Meg White regularly turned up at garage rock gigs in London. And I saw Jarvis Cocker at a White Stripes gig back then too.

Shane Magowan bought me a pint after being introduced to me at a gig by his old band mate from the Nips/Nipple Erectors.

Edwyn Collins is friends of a friend of mine and was introduced to me at a gig at the same venue. Nice bloke.

Tons of indie band members I could mention but I’d rather not.


Bono at Interpol in Dublin
Sat near Kelly Osbourne at Patrick Wolf at Bloomsbury theatre
Jimi from Doves every gig I went to in Manchester early 2000s
Nadine Shah at Bjork APE

The ‘best’ rubbish one was the drummer from King Adora at a Suede show in Birmingham 2003ish.


I stood next to Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd at a, ahem, Sam Brown show in the late 80s.




Thurston Moore, J Mascis and several members of Primal Scream at the My Bloody Valentine tour warm-up at Brixton Electric, 27th January 2013. Crowd was A-list. Gig was absolutely shit.


In Manchester it’s always the same people members of The Courteeners, Pins, Elbow, Badly Drawn Boy (although haven’t seen him at a gig for years) et al. Best spot I ‘ve had was Johnny Marr at Wu Lyf when they played on Bridgewater Street only time I’ve seen him at a gig in Manchester


He’s supported plenty of gigs so I’m claiming Stewart Lee at the free Bo Ningen gig at RFH as part of the Yoko Ono Meltdown. Yes, I know he’s not a musician but it’s my first chance to mention it in yonks.


Was that at the Corn Exchange?

I saw nick cave at that show too

I saw the Manics at the Shepard’s Bush Empire in the 90s and Scary spice was there


Paul Weller at an early(ish) Arctic Monkeys gig.

Bobby Gillespie at a Death in Vegas show in Brighton.

Matt Bellamy at Hundred Reasons in Plymouth.


Jarvis Cocker at The Arcade Fire at the Zenith in Paris.
Jack and Meg at Mudhoney at The Electeic Ballroom 2002
PJ Harvey at Shellac at Koko
Johnny Greenwood at Oliver Coates at Le Guess Who 2016


Saw members of my vitriol at a zwan gig