Musicians you've seen at gigs


Often stand near Mary Anne Hobbs at gigs. Tastes overlap and she clearly wants to be halfway back to the side.


saw the Irish bloke from One Direction at a Radiohead gig


Louis Walsh?


yeh that’s the one!


Kendrick Lamar?


Jarvis Cocker gets around then. Spotted him at Primavera 2011 during a Warpaint set (doesnt really count, that was Pulps first reunion show)

Used to see various members of foals around Oxford everywhere in their early days.


Saw PJ Harvey at Patti Smith’s Shepherds Bush Empire gig.

Saw The Yeah Yeah Yeahs when they weren’t famous at a Yo La Tengo’s Shepherds Bush Empire gig probably around 2002. Louis Theroux was with them.


This has reminded me that a pre-horror was at Biffy Clyro when they played Chinnerys :smiley:

Another old anecdote was seeing Skin from Skunk Anansie and Fran Healey in the bar when Audioslave played their first gig in London although the highlight celeb spot was non-musician Dermot O’Leary.


Sat next to David Suchet at Henry VI parts I and II at the barbican a few years ago. It was over two nights, pretty much the only reason we went back the second night was to sit next to Poirot again.

I know this isn’t strictly what the thread is about as he’s not a musician, but it’s far more interesting than the time I saw one of elbow at a Morrissey gig in Blackpool so there you have it


I was at the biffy chinnerys gig! Did you head down to Southend often for gigs?


Yeh the corn exchange, in 2007 I think. One of those gigs where the chat between songs was almost as good as the music, if I remember right (which I almost never do!!).


One other one that stands out in my mind was seeing Tim Harrington from Les savy fav at the front for silver Jews at primavera atp stage (LSF played next I think, or maybe shellac were in between- I really fucking miss atp!!!). Anyway Silver Jews played most of tanglewood numbers, and Tim was singing along, esp to the ‘I love you to the max!’ bit in punks in the beerlight. Then on the next LSF record they used the ‘I love you to the max’ line in one of their songs- listening to it always takes me back to that incredible night.


Albert Hammond Jr. in the queue for Belle & Sebastian at The Ritz in 2006

Johnny Marr in the crowd for Hot Snakes at Gorilla early last year

Guy Garvey was always knocking about at The Eagle when I did door for gigs


I forgot about Johnny Foreigner, remember seeing them a few times years ago. Christ they were awful.


Yeah i saw them there too. Few members of the Horrors were about as well.

I’ve seen Bobby Gillespie at loads of shoes, most recent being the Johnny Marr one at Earth, he was with Sky Ferreira and the singer of Iceage


I saw Gruff Rhys at one of the Mogwai gigs in Edinburgh last August.


Oh, man. I remember thinking the exactly same thing. Him and Theodore Unit.


I’m utterly oblivious to my surroundings half the time but I did see him from The Darkness at AC/DC in London about a decade ago.


Oh, yeah, I’ve seen Bobby Gillespie at a Black Lips gig in around 2009. He was with the bloke from Creation Records. And that Johnny Borrell and his band mates were there too. All standing at the back of the room. And probably not because they were afraid of the piss.


Jack and Meg White at a Brendan Benson gig at Camden Barfly years ago, 2005 maybe ? had a chat with Jack and he was very nice. Then he got up on stage and did Good to Me with BB. Awesome night that was.