Musicians you've seen at gigs


I did see comedian Alun Cochrane at a Pinkshinyultrablast gig


yeah see him at loads of gigs. quite often the franz ferdinand lads


Tom Barman from dEus at a Sonic Youth gig.


See, the first time I ever saw them at the Roundhouse was the best gig I’ve ever been to. Have never seen anything like it. Saw their ATP and Brixton shows since, which were fine but neither came remotely close. I’ve heard others say the same. If anyone’s aware what the Roundhouse had on tap that night, let me know.


I was at that Brixton show. It was crap. I saw J Mascis too there. He was stood stage right and then went backstage.

MBV at The Roundhouse was pretty good but they were phenomenal at the warm up gig at The ICA.


ah i saw that too! my pal was on the same balcony and i was shouting for her to give me a wave, so when johnny marr started waving i shouted NOT YOU, SIAN!


Dan Hawkins at a My Bloody Valentine gig in Birmingham was a nice incongruous one.


Now deceased guitarist Gary Moore of Thin Lizzy at the Blind Tiger in Brighton about ten years ago. (The band he saw there was a garage-rock outfit called Thee Vicars.)


What an awful venue


I didn’t mind it that much. What did you not like about it?


I can confirm that Bjork and Julian Barrett were both there too (not together as far as I know - actually, just seen @BMS1’s post and he’s with Julia Davis isn’t he). I managed to speak to both…


The layout, the sound, pretty much all of it. Used to actively avoid gigs there in the end. Probably when it was Hector’s House mind, and not Blind Tiger Club.


Yeah, I think it improved when it became the Blind Tiger. I didn’t mind the layout too much. It was a decent size. I only went there for the trashy garage rock’n’roll bands that Stay Sick were putting on and they always sounded ok to me. But I do remember the DJs especially sounded better after it changed.


There probably was a change, but by that point I’d committed to the embargo so there’s that. I mean, it wasn’t The Freebutt, but it’s never good to see a venue disappear


I saw him in GAK once (Brighton guitar shop) - the staff were all being super super attentive


was anyone else at the Nick Cave gig at the O2 where he bumped into Bobby Gillespie in the crowd who then proceeded to get the lyrics wrong to Push The Sky Away?


Yup :+1:

(^not my video…)


Remember seeing multiple musicians at Joanna Newsom at the City Halls in Glasgow in 2007 for the Ys tour, but only one I can bring to mind is Alex Kapranos.


I was there too. Not the trickiest chorus to remember, it’s hardly ‘The Mercy Seat’ Bobby!


yep - was a bit excruciating