Musicians you've seen at gigs


Lay on the floor next to Damo Suzuki at a 3hr Mars Volta gig at ATP - i suppose atp doesn’t count as the place is full of musicians but still, was pretty exciting.

Add to that a coked up Matt Pike also :smiley:


Oh yeh, I forgot an ATP one- Bjork was in the crowd before nick cave and the bad seeds at atp Iceland. Lots of cool kids taking ridiculously unsubtle photos of her. Then a van reversed into the area outside of the stage, lifted up the back doors and a band were playing in it, which seemed to distract everyone for a while.

Saw Tilda Swinton in the crowd for that too, with jim jarmusch. I may be squashing 2 nights of memories into one, but it all definitely happened in some order!


What year was that? Remember going to one and staggering around and TMV always seemed to be playing in the central bit!


Annie Lennox at the Flaming Lips in Brixton Academy




Saw members of the New Pornographers regularly at gigs in Vancouver in the oughts (particularly AC Newman). Also Caribou/Manitoba/Dan Snaith, definitely at four Tet, possibly others. And the most Pitchfork of all sightings, members of Bear in Heaven at a Pains of Being Pure at Heart show.


I saw him at the Porchester Hall one.


I saw Frank Turner at Birthdays once, can’t remember the gig. He watched the support act about a metre from the stage by himself as crowd was very very thin. I think he left for the main act.

Used to see Rory Kinnear a lot when I worked at the Sebright Arms briefly.


Roland Gift from Fine Young Cannibals at the Boston Arms about ten years ago to see Billy Childish. Like many people from once famous bands he stood at the back of the room. In this case, on his own.


Saw the Cribs on the upper balcony at a Kate Nash gig in Manchester 2010 (around the time Ryan was dating her)

Saw / met Drenge while sifting thru the crowd before Kanye at Glastonbury

… saw Bradley Branning at a Gary Numan gig in 2008.


Staying with this theme I saw Sonia from Eastenders in the Dublin Castle circa… 2009/10, can’t remember the name of the band(s) playing


Saw Curly Watts at an Electric Six gig about 2004ish maybe?


Ah yeah, good call! I was sat with my pal on one side and Norman Blake on the other. Think that was her first gig with an orchestra so felt very special.


There was that time I was at a Billy Childish gig and Chris Sievey from The Freshies turned up in full Frank Sidebottom mode having just played his own gig five minutes walk away and proceeded to dance still in Sidebottom persona for the rest of the gig.



2007 maybe? or 6. It was at camber sands, and was the nightmare before christmas one they did. The most metal one there was, and one of the best.


Kylie at a Macca gig, PJ Harvey at a Nick Cave gig, Johnny Depp at a Ryan Adams gig and Bobby Gillespie at every gig.


doesn’t seem like he gets it wrong? seems more like he just riffed on it a bit in his own way.


Ahhh, think I went to a later one. The Melvins played (just when Nude With Boots came out and they were insanely good - kept wheeling out drummers), Lightning Bolt, Sunn O))) etc.


My fellow Woking native Weller at a Midlake gig circa Trial of Van Occupanther…rather than the Peacocks centre.
Not a musician but I found it odd but impressive to see Gabby Logan at Explosions in the Sky at the ICA circa mid 00s


I saw Jordan Rudess at a Steven Wilson show a few years ago in Minneapolis at The Varsity Theater. I guess his daughter was going to school at Carleton College which is like an hour South of Minneapolis.