Musings on a Friday morning regarding why young men* are so preoccupied with having an abundance of pint glasses at home for non-alcoholic drinks

Hiya everybody.

Dunno if this is just me and numerous other people I have noticed or if its a more general trend with some broader lessons to be learned - let me know what you think.

When I was a teenager and a young man, it would irk me beyond conception that my parents cupboards were so full of small drinking glasses and me and my brothers would always be vying for the one or two pint sized glasses to drink water from. When I have my own place, I’d think, “I will ONLY have pint glasses. What’s the point of these miniature things? Who ever wants to drink 150mls of something?” And indeed in my 20s I very much lived up to this ambition.

As the years have meandered by however I have found the ratio to swing heavily back in the other direction, and I am now content with a small glass of water when my thirst comes. I even prefer to drink beer by decanting small amounts at a time, it tastes fresher dunnit?

Is this a wider trend? If so, why? Is it cos young people spend more time sitting around doing nothing so need a larger volume of water by their side so they don’t have to continually get up and refill? Do they just generally need more hydration? Am I making this all up?

*I stipulate men as this is what I have noticed but I may of course be sexistly wrong.



I still mainly use pint glasses at home. Many of them need replacing now though :frowning:

Only pint glasses we have are ones the wife yoinked from her old pub job when they stopped serving meantime and brooklyn and didnt want em anymore.

Thanks 4 reading

I get ragey if I can’t find a pint glass.


We have two pint glasses from previous Cambridge Folk Festivals (I pay a deposit for them so I think I’m okay to take them home).

Our glasses are now very sensible, but then I’m old:

Still have several pint glasses that have come from real ale festivals. But now I go to wanky beer festivals they have been overtaken by smaller, wankier glasses.

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Like what am I meant to do with this:


We have a few pint glasses, one 1/2 pint job from a beer festival and several, what I like to refer to as, tumblers. We also have 5 small, plastic cups which my daughter uses so as not litter the house up with smashed glass.

tumblers, yes, this is what these glasses are called, I almost forgot!

I’ve taken to just keeping a couple of diet coke bottles filled with water in the fridge and restocking them as necessary. All cold water all the time, no need for glasses.

To answer your question, I reckon younger people are just greedier and lazier, so pint glasses suit them.

different glasses for different needs.

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Exactly. Tumbler for a bit of water to take a tablet, pint glass for everything else.

don’t use shot glasses as much these days tbh… guessing that is definitely an age thing.

My glasses fall into 3 categories

  1. Wine
  2. Nuttella (as in they are recycled nuttella jars, used mainly for fruit juice)
  3. Pint
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you drink out of a nutella jar…?

We have a couple, too.

Isn’t it just youthful kleptomania? I had a friend at uni who’s entire kitchen was just full of stolen beer glasses. He also had loads of stolen ash trays and smelly old bar towels.

the small ones - they are supposed to be used as glasses when you finish the jar

like this