Mustard 2023

Here it is the new Mustard thread.

Favourite mustards? What you using mustards in? Talk about it all here

The one thing I learnt in the Netherlands was I’m not using mustard enough.


One thing I have enjoyed adding mustard to is dumplings for stew

Sainsbury’s used to do a chilli wholegrain mustard which was so good, they got rid of it though. Cowards

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My power rankings have not changed

Big into making a sauce of wholegrain, sour cream and mushrooms atm.


My favourite mustard is Aretha Franklin


I’m allergic. It’s not even that I don’t like mustard, I just can’t eat it anymore. Fucking mustard. It’s in everything now too, because of the war against salt and it being a cheap flavour enhancer.

The other day i did roast cauliflower with sumac, pepper, salt, oregano to have in wraps for dinner. Had loads leftover so finely chopped it and mixed it up with cheddar, brie and american style mustard then made these into toasties on the Foreman. Absolutely Bang On!

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got myself a little jar of Maille dijon last week to go with some pork, lovely stuff, now it’s going to go in everything I eat until it runs out and then i forget to buy another jar for six months.