Mute User?

Is there a way of blocking/ muting individual user accounts?

what did i do? :frowning:

afaik there isn’t. there is a mute user function in your preferences but afaik it only stops you from getting notifications and PMs from them, etc.


Sorry nobody’s replied to this, keith. I’m afraid I don’t know.


Thanks @ericthefourth and @Epimer - I didn’t think there would be the option I wanted.

Who started this thread? Must be someone I’ve muted.


You know we’re all sean, don’t you.

The fuller answer here is that the guys who started Discourse don’t really believe it’s a feature that makes sense, which I guess highlights their privilege. In their view people are either part of the community or not and anyone who might rub one person up badly enough they’d want to block them should already have been banned.

Not to say there isn’t maybe a grain of truth in that last bit. I think most users who have got enough people’s backs up in their style have ended up banned in the end, Mere Pseud Bag Head being the constant example.

I think that was genuinely the answer/ reasoning I expected.

To be honest, in most circumstances I would 100% agree but some of the contributions from the user/s in question are upsetting me and spoiling my use of the forum. I also feel like raising these issues would probably lead to a similar series of posts as that one on Friday.

No problem though - it’s clearly my issue.

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Well it’s not really your problem, it’s definitely an annoying aspect of the site software :slight_smile:

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can you mute tags? asking for a friend

I guess you can

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I don’t think it works.

Oh maybe it does overnight or something. Cheers.

This won’t remove them from the list of topics I think it’s just to stop you being alerted to an @ notification in one and the won’t show in Latest lists

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I don’t think tags are really used enough for the feature to be useful. If you had to tag topics it might be different.

Sorry nobody’s replied to this, keith. I’m afraid I don’t know.

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You muted your own previous user account? Harsh

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he was a cunt to be fair