Muted any threads lately?




(haha, only joking. I mute users rather than threads)

You heard



I’d like to somehow mute the cycling thread even more. Can we get a double mute feature?

I’m not going to tell you that. I know it’s just the two of us posting in this thread, but anyone else could read it, and I don’t want to hurt their feelings.

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turned on audio description

“Noah Vale logs into and starts an awful thread.”

Oh it’s a repeat turns thread off

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See, I tend not to mute threads. Sometimes even a thread with the most humdrum of names can develop into a 100+ shitshow

Yeah but you might have to read about wrestling to get to it, and that’s just not worth the risk.

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You’re right

sometimes you need to skip 1,000 Roman Reigns promos to get to the Scott Steiner ones.

I think you might have misjudged your audience here.

I don’t think I’ve muted anything on this site

You’re probably right

I just WCW’d the thread :frowning:

Not bothered about rifling through wresting or whatever, but I do mute when threads get nasty or people become massive arseholes. DiS is my escape, not more drama thank you very much.

prefer the follow button for the massive arseholes on here

Good point. There’s a fine line.