Muted Users


this is a The Mars Volta joke

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Do you know what’s annoying? You can mute someone but their threads still appear in your list but with ‘muted content’ in the OP so you can read the whole thread but not know what it’s about so you have to go and unmute them to see. Really annoying.

I’d quite like to be able to mute the threads of certain users but still see their posts in other people’s threads, that would be quite handy.

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You can ignore and mute people here -

I’d like to mute people and then they get a notification saying I have muted them. Perhaps there is a little box to say why they were muted.

It’s annoying that I have muted people and they don’t even know.


I’ve muted several users. I’m not going to name names but I can let you know that most of them are white males who like indie music


Can someone please tell JohnM that I hate him, thanks.


Anyone else any up clicking on the muted posts regardless which kind of defeats the purpose?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t mute people
  • I’ve muted you so I haven’t seen this post

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I’ve just muted 10 users who post a lot to see if any threads are still readable. This one is OK actually.

Something I found while doing this: you can’t mute moderators

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Also, it’s not muting, it’s ignoring. Muting just means you don’t see notifications from them but you can still see their posts

Yeah it’s just easier to say muting

if you mute me I’ll mute you so help me god


I’d no more mute you than I would mute my own flesh and blood!

oh they’re all getting a muting

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Speak for yourself. I’ve no idea what @Kallgeese is up to on the boards these days, or if he even still exists.


How do you mute users again?

Not being able to ignore/mute moderators is standard I guess. True of vBulletin too (who’ve had the feature forever).

I don’t have anyone muted but if any has muted me then I will consider it a personal achievement

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