Muting threads on mobile

Since all the tweaks a few weeks ago I can no longer mute threads on my phone. When pulling up the options lists I can scroll down to the mute option. This is on an iPhone, works fine on an iPad. Is it just me?

Shows up on my android


Can’t believe you were thinking of muting my thread :cry:


I purposefully picked a daily thread instead of the one I really wanted to mute so no one would get offended. :grinning:


When you say it works on iPad is that just that the screen is bigger or is it that you can scroll the menu like you can on Android (you can see the scroll bar within it on @Icarus-Smicarus’s screencap)?

It’s the former then sorry for the obvious nature of the comment but you’ve definitely tried to scroll the menu in your phone?

Are you using the same browser in both iPad and iPhone? What browser(s)?


Yes on the iPhone the scroll function for that particular menu no longer works. Worked fine until a couple of weeks ago when all the changes were made. Using iOS.

You mean you’re using the default Safari browser? On both devices? Just wondering if it works in Chrome on iPhone (assuming that’s a thing but it is on iPad so I assume…).



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Chrome on iOS is a skin on top of WebKit rather than the Chromium rendering engine, so I’d be very surprised if it behaves any differently.

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This is still an issue and I’ve now noticed that the ‘jump to’ function is absent from the site in iPad, but present in mobile. :woman_shrugging:


Here is the answer I got:

Judging by the 3:2 screen ratio is that an iPhone 4/4s? If so it’s iOS9.3.5?

Yeah this looks so old it would be unsupported due to locked version of very obsolete iOS. iPhone 4s is also quite slow being a 2012 phone in 2019.

So basically the site is shaming you for not buying a new phone. If that’s not the case then I’ll go back to them.

Also with the iPad thing I can see Jump To. Ours is a 2017 iPad running iOS 12.0 (16A366)

Thanks for following up on this for me Theo, much appreciated.

Wow they’re quite up themselves aren’t they?

It’s not an iPhone 4, it’s and SE which whilst not the most latest model is hardly ancient and I’d expect the site to be able run properly on it. I admit I haven’t updated for a couple of months because I’m not ready to delete all my travelling photos from it to free up enough space to update. I’m on version 11.4.1. I had considered that this might be the reason but wanted to see if anyone else had experienced problems.

As for the iPad, I’m all up to date, on 12.1.1 and in fact I only noticed the issue after I’d updated last week.

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Okay will push back to them, thanks. That’s not a huge version difference from 12!

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Right with the iPad I think you are viewing in landscape mode, is that right? Basically Jump To is not in the desktop version of the site and if you have an iPad in landscape mode then it’s wide enough that you get the desktop view, whereas if you twist it portrait it’ll swap into Mobile view and you’ll see the button as I have in my picture???

This is what someone has suggested in any case.

Yep that’s worked for the iPad. Don’t remember it being the case before but that’s good to know! Do I give you a green tick for that?

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Well you can but technically the real problem hasn’t been fixed yet!

Here’s what they say to your update about iOS

iOS 11 isn’t that old, so it should work. Now that I look at it more closely this may have already been fixed as we’re now hiding the description text for tracking levels on mobile. I believe this is fairly recent, so it might be a few days before you see this update.


So I guess keep checking.

Wonderful, thanks!

Muting works now on mobile, thanks Theo

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Sorry @colon_closed_bracket your threads are going quiet now!