My 16 yr old Son collects Vinyl. What record should I get him for Xmas?

He’s already got the most recent albums by Billie Eilish, Tyler the Creator, The 1975, Everything Everything which gives you some idea of his musical taste.

Little Simz?


Maybe sign him up to

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Maybe some earl sweatshirt or brockhampton?


Going off from Everything Everything, the Speedy Wunderground comp sounds pretty cool. Sort of thing that could get him into a whole bunch of bands

Sunn O)))

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£15 - bargain.


Lana Del Rey?

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Looking at previous Leeds festival posters, where 1975 headlined… maybe go for someone a bit more underground and hip - TBC could be good.

I’ve heard good things about the up and coming “The Wombats”

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I got my niece a Norman’s gift token for her last birthday as she doesn’t have a decent independent record shop locally - need to check in and see what she got.


100% get him a voucher to spend somewhere vinyl-friendly instead of a record so he can choose his own. Maybe less exciting to open, but at least you don’t get it wrong.