My back (tuesday filth)

It’s in absolute bits. Stinging pain right between the shoulder blades. Can’t bend or twist.

Not thinly veiled: it has definitely come into being after a sexual act I may have performed this morning.

Anyone got any experience of this? I’m just getting old right? Young man’s game, etc.

Tell me about your back problems/sexual proclivity/young men’s games.

My neck
My back

lick my pussy and my crack


Banjo string: yes
Back: no

I sometimes tweak my back a bit if thrusting away a little over-enthusiastically.

I will be giving all of those, plus your ‘lovely lady lumps’ a very wide berth.

No, this is not what happened.

if you get a rib removed it makes it easier


Tuesday morning? Were you late for work?

Blank post

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She’s on a late shift this week, so so am I.

TMI: I was returning a favour.

How the hell did you do this?

Pelvis Wrestly

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…doing it with a much older partner you old dog?

Came here to post this video damn you

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I broke a bed once whilst on the job and told my friends about the achievement, surreptitiously throwing in the phrase the jack hammer in the hope the nickname would stick. It didn’t

Thinly-veiled ‘I suffer from osteoarthritis’ post

To be fair I have had this exact pain 2 or 3 times before. What should I be worried about?

Could just have had a rib removed to make it easier to get your gob round it

Stop stealing Japes’ posts