My band is playing in London! (Zounds + The Astronauts + Rites of Hadda) 29/02

Not sure if this is up any/many Disers’ street but my band The Astronauts are playing alongside anarcho-punk babes Zounds at The Lexington on Saturday 29th February. If you haven’t heard Zounds they’re marvellous, and they don’t play London a great deal either. Thought I’d post it here 'cos why not eh?


I :heart: Zounds, never seen them though (and I’m nowhere near London so won’t on the 29th either, sorry). I did see The Astronauts once though, but it was something like thirty years ago, so I presume you weren’t in them then?

I see you’ve also got a gig with Blyth Power soon as well. I double :heart: Blyth Power.

Ahhhh I wasn’t in The Astronauts then and have been for about 17 years on-and-off! Blyth Power are great and lovely people to boot. Weirdly enough I was just talking about them to a friend, mainly their connection to Jamie Hince…

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It is genuinely incredible that one of the men in this video ended up married to Kate Moss, isn’t it?

I’ve probably seen BP about twenty times. I heard Vane Tempest on a hunt sab benefit tape in the early nineties, and went into town to buy the Pastor Skull album the next day. Such a unique act, with such great lyrics. I think they’re triffic.

Where should I start with the Astronauts? I had a look at Bandcamp, but it’s all confusing stuff about otters…

I love this video :smiley:

Yeah, sorry about the confusing Bandcamp page. The Otters and The Astronauts are two separate bands that ran concurrently, both fronted by Mark Astronaut, but The Otters eventually morphed into The Astronauts. Anyway, try Peter Pan Hits The Suburbs or It’s All Done By Mirrors, the first two albums - both are excellent in their respective ways.

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