My BeBionic prosthetic hand

I finally got around to making a little video about my BeBionic prosthetic hand. First time talking to a camera on video so be kind as I did it pretty much off the top of my head! This was take 2 as the first time I used the word “basically” about 20 times in the first minute, I tried to reduce that in the subsequent attempt but only partially succeeded, I did get a bit more fluent towards the end!


Very cool, very Star Wars


punching mode looks pretty cool


Great little video man

You mentioned the weight difference of them all… how much are we talking for each?

I liked beckoning mode most

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I’ve never weighed them before but i have now; the old original split hook - 542g, the motorised split hook - 820g and the BeBionic is a whopping 1,176g

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Really enjoyed the demo and you seem like an absolute top bloke - thanks for sharing it.


That’s quite a weight to be lugging around all day, thanks for the insight :slight_smile:


This was great and very informative.

Really pleased for you that is a cool arm and all those positions seem super useful, hope it’s made a bunch of little things easier and less frustrating for you :slight_smile:

Think you explained stuff really well btw so no need to worry there


aw shucks, thanks mate! :kissing_heart:

Thanks Bam!

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I can’t believe that was your first time speaking on camera! You looked very at ease.

I thought that was really interesting and informative, thanks LA!


Really cool video, thanks for sharing. That arm is super flashy, glad you feel more confident showing it off.

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

This is amazing mate! The progression from the hooks to that is remarkable and it’s really brilliant to hear that it’s had a positive psychological impact on you as well as the physical benefits.

And like people have already said you come across very relaxed and natural on camera.


This was really interesting, technology is incredible isn’t it? You also seem like a really good dude!

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Great little video, this. Am I right in thinking you’d just got this when we met at Tim Hecker?

That sounds about right. It still felt like a big heavy lump at the time. :grinning:

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I thoroughly enjoyed that, thanks very much

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That really was great - you explained everything in a really succinct and engaging way and even in just four minutes I learnt a lot. Having that original hook for so long must have felt so limiting compared to what the new one can do.


Great little vid - and good to see that it’s a making a difference.

What kind of battery life do you get with something like that? And can you charge it up while still using it?

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