My biggest fear

Accidentally pulling the cords all the way out of trackie top/bottoms. That’s basically game over isn’t it, is it even possible to get them back in?


Youd be good on I’m A Celebrity

oh man, with hoodies and babies/toddlers this fear is fully realised. Such little nobs


I reckon I could put them back in

Happened in the washing machine to a pair of jogging bottoms recently. I spent a Saturday morning putting the cord back in while watching my nephew played Call of Duty. It was a nice morning.


use a stretched out clothes hanger, tie one end of the string to the end of the hanger, and worm it back in.

no need to thank me.


This does work well. Although did it recently but because I’d sellotaped the hanger to the cord - when I yanked the hanger off the cord I went and pulled the f**king thing out again.

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You can attach a safety pin to one end of the cord and shuffle it through

(This is the usual recommended method for doing this kind of thing when making clothes)

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This happened with my hoody a while back and it was long, tedious and probably not worth it but managed to get it back in. All is not lost.