My Bloody Valentine


Hello and I welcome myself to these indie-tastic music forums of music!

I am pleased very much to see you all and hopefully I will have many years of glory on these forums of beautiful glory.

I enjoy such individual bands as the Head Radios, Squinterpol, Annie MalContentive, The Ocado Fire and One Night Only.

Can I just ask a question please: ho iz My Bloody Valentine everyone keeps getting excited about?

I haven’t really heard of them round my wood of the necks. I would like you to help me discover they’re discography as I hear that they are a great band. in my country the oppressive regime bans all western music apart from wham! so i need help discovering these and i don’t want to download off illegal torrent as the next time i do it i will be drafted into army who is this coming up behind me oh no not the polic

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Dunno who they are mate. Are you sure you’re not thinking of Bullet For My Valentine?


fuck sake, who let MPBH in?


He’s not back is he??


OK. I’ll nip this in the bud quickly, and admit, yes, I am MPBH. I was just humouring you all as I didn’t want to begin my life on the new forums going all “Hi! I’m MPBH! Look at me!” and being attention seeking through self-pity.

But onto the important stuff. All I want to say is 1) it’s great to be back on DIS, and 2) I can only say a great big SORRY. I am sorry for previous incarnations of this page in which I was aggressive, reactionary, and posted attention-seeking trolling nonsense, I really wasn’t a very pleasant person to be around and I just want to take this opportunity to apologise to anyone I might have offended, hurt or upset.

I have had acute mental health problems in the last five years but over this summer I’ve been through the eye of the storm, then finally laid a lot of those ghosts to rest; some of those were causing me to be such a negative and unpleasant git. I know I might not be as sophisticated, open-minded and maybe even more (small c) conservative than many DISers but I enjoy using these forums and it has helped to open my mind about music, film, literature, etc, and to progress as a human being. I’m just sorry about all the previous idiocy and tedium I caused and from this moment on I promise to be a better person.

Thank you for your time.
Daniel Sullivan aka Mere_Pseud_Bag_Head


what a time to be alive. Welcome back MPBH!