My boxers are all looking threadbare around the undercarriage again...

Had four pairs of NEXT boxers (generally the comfiest) on rotation, one pair a day, midweek washing load. I’ve got backups, sure, but there’s a definite heirarchy. Didn’t get any for Chrimbo 2018 so must have got them the year before as you wouldn’t buy your own would you, life’s far too short. Worked out you get roughly 110-120 wears and washes before they start going, which seems very fair to me given they’re, what, £5 a pair.

Thanks for coming, i’m here all week.

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The only acceptable form of male underwear is an a-front boxer (see below). Anyone who wears baggy boxers, underpants or a ‘hipster boxer’ is quite literally heathen scum.


Obviously i wouldn’t wear the patterned ones as a successful businessman.

Black only, thanks.


I tend to agree but I’m a little less aggressive about it.


The most important criteria is that they are not loose around the thigh. Can’t stand loose boxers that get all crumpled up and ride up the thigh.


I only wear fun patterned ones, it’s how I express myself


I don’t like how most pants don’t seem to have a opening at the front these days. Makes having a wee more of a faff.

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I went through a short spell of wearing looser boxers as a young teen and my willy kept falling out of the front, which isn’t ideal.

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Definitely got a hierarchy going on. You’d better believe I’m not wearing my best patterns on a work day. The most unlikely of events are more likely to occur before the inside of my work trousers sees my preferred boxers.

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I live and die by loose soft cotton boxers
only place that seems to sell them is primark

How do you feel about these.

They are Next if that helps.

They look faded but it’s just the lighting in here I promise.

I tend to agree but I’m a little more aggressive about it.

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Got a load of John Lewis boxers in the January sales. Only problem is they were mostly Christmas patterns, which isn’t ideal.

Comfy, though.

Do you not find you spend half of any walk anywhere picking them out of your arse?

I used to have a little over-the-shoulder look i did to free them up a bit.

Aye. Plain black or grey for in the week, something more colourful for the weekend.

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not at all. find the tight ones way more invasive

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You’re very wrong

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My jeans last about 4-6 months before going at the crotch. So annoying. So much wasted denim