My boxers are all looking threadbare around the undercarriage again...

I live and die by loose soft cotton boxers
only place that seems to sell them is primark

How do you feel about these.

They are Next if that helps.

They look faded but it’s just the lighting in here I promise.

I tend to agree but I’m a little more aggressive about it.

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Got a load of John Lewis boxers in the January sales. Only problem is they were mostly Christmas patterns, which isn’t ideal.

Comfy, though.

Do you not find you spend half of any walk anywhere picking them out of your arse?

I used to have a little over-the-shoulder look i did to free them up a bit.

Aye. Plain black or grey for in the week, something more colourful for the weekend.

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not at all. find the tight ones way more invasive

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You’re very wrong

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My jeans last about 4-6 months before going at the crotch. So annoying. So much wasted denim


stop lunging all the time

There’s a trick to this. It’s a big of a faff and you’ll think it’s ridiculous, but basically line the crotch of your new jeans with cutoffs from your old jeans.

Genuinely works. At first i thought it’d be unfomfortable, but quite the opposite. You need someone with a sewing machine and a bit of knowhow. No idea how they sew them in without it showing on the outside, but…

I definitely prefer loose boxer sshorts.


Gonna need a diagram or something here blud

It’s just a reinforced gusset.


Just basically reinforce the inner seams and the area your inner legs rub together causing them to give way with an extra panel of denim.

I’ve gone from getting six months out of a pair of jeans to them lasting four or five years without ballyjeanholes as i think they’re professionalky known.

Are you a horse?

(For your FYI: Next hipsters is the correct answer 517714 )