My brother is coming over to London for two days on 2nd October, what things should I do with him?



I have to live up to the hype (pretence) that I’m cook and in the know about London stuff, but still above it somehow.

This is NOT one of those london innuendo threads.


Take him up the West End


take him for a really average burger that cost more than twenty pounds.


How old is your brother? What stuff does he like?


Runs in. Has anyone said take him up the Oxo Tower yet!?




Eat his bottom.


take him to a soft play centre or a park

how old is he?


nice .gif :laughing:


Make him some nice food?


10 years older than me and we have almost nothing in common, yet he’s the sibling that I stay in touch with the most.


How old are you?


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Let’s see how many replies it gets before making a final decision on that.


you could go to the park and look for clues


M&M world > Garfunkel’s > China White’s > stringfellows > spearmint rhino


I know he’ll be quite happy to go anywhere I suggest, or even just spend time wondering about. I was thinking of maybe taking him for something to eat then to cafe oto or something (i’d imagine he’d think that’s dead cool).