Yeah that’s right fuckers, My Chemical Romance are back! We’re bringing back “rawr XD”, uploading a photo to MySpace of you and all your mates making a star with your two fingers, spiky belts, fringe over one eye, weird copypastas in YouTube comments that’ll make you die in 666 hours if you don’t pass them on to 6 people in the next 66 minutes. It’s all coming back.

Comeback shows in Milton Keynes (Milton fucking Keynes, lads?) on 20th and 21st June, who’s going? I’ve got standing for the 20th :blush:. They’d better fucking play Dead.


The true home of rock, Milton Keynes

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Remember my sis saw Robbie Walliams there in the early 2000s and it always sticks out as odd. My only association with Milton Keynes.

All the MCR fans on the socials were calling it a shithole when the shows were announced and the MP had to weigh in and refute the claim.

Have seen MCR play as the musical act for the Denver vs San Francisco game ( :football:) at Wembley. Odd place for them, but they were pretty good. Highly respect the craft.

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This is now the Milton Keynes thread.

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i remember Bill Bailey having a routine about going to see Metallica there and Marilyn Manson supported, and about how odd it was seeing Marilyn Manson on stage shouting “MILLLTOOOOON KEEEEYYYYYYNESSSSS!”


I feel like people’s nostalgia is clouding the fact that they weren’t very good


Convinced myself that three cheers for sweet revenge would stand up and listened to it again a few months ago.

Doesn’t stand up


Of all the bands discussed on this board you could say this about, you choose to say it about the cats who made The Black Parade.

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I always absolutely hated them so not sure why I’m in this thread

Great gateway band for young 'uns, plus they all seem like a GBOL’s. Black Parade has some absolute CORKERS on it, and there are at least three good songs on the last one they stuck out (Summertime is ACE).


Gateway to what? They’re closer to fucking Meatloaf than Fugazi


Maybe some people are happier listening to MCR than Fugazi :woman_shrugging:

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Although I didn’t like them at the time, I dunno, really happy they exist because they brought a lot of joy to a lot of fans. Know a few people who know that MCR are a bit naff but they speak about them so positively. If I was a few years younger I’d maybe be one of them.

Considered being tickets for my girlfriend and her pal, but I think I’d rather wait for them to do more dates at other venues.

I have seen them before, supporting Muse. It was a very 2007 experience.

Saw them in a supporting role twice and thought they were fucking rubbish.

Both times they ended with Helena though and I have to admit that on both occasions it was a huge, huge banger.


MCR are good and not naff, they’re better than loads of stuff people talk about like big thief and Jeff Rosenstock. They will hold up.

I won’t be spending the cash to go to Milton Keynes but their comeback is pretty welcome as they never did an exploitative farewell tour. Lovely lads


Yeah Helena and to a lesser extent I’m not OK are still good fun

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I’m now imagining how histrionic the fans would have been on a farewell tour

G. Way is kind of a B. Corgan copyist at time

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