'My Cure'

I have just released my first album of original music called ‘My Cure’ (Links at bottom)
In addition to having a voice and being a good guitarist, I have an interesting backstory:

In January 2016 I promised myself I would write one song per month and make my first original album.
2 weeks later I was diagnosed with a particularly aggressive Cancer.
When the surgeons removed the tumour, they also severed my facial nerves on the right side of my face leaving me paralysed on that side of my face.

However, I did write (more than) 1 song per month to chronicle my 2016 and released my album (‘My Cure’) a few days ago.
The Album is varied in styles but all songs are written from the heart.

Like most people, I could do with a break and I am open to the possibility of gigs, festivals, interviews, album reviews and other promo activities.
Thanks for your consideration,

Listen to my new Album ‘My Cure’ - https://open.spotify.com/album/4xULGleCCQkEAa5ZsWsAXg