My Dad is going on holiday soon and has raised concern at about drones scoping out the house

Of course I ridiculed him, but actually I can imagine it happening a modified drone could easily break a window and get into your house. Should we be worried?

Can’t move for drones scoping out houses these days


I got a drone for my birthday because my mam knows how much I love scoping out houses


Probably make the scoping drones by that 3D printing

I’m not sure you’d be able to modify them to such a degree that they’d be able to do that.

They’re all calibrated for specific pay loads, so any kind of change to the pay load would affect it’s flight and manoeuvrability.

You could of course modify a heavy lifting drone, but these things are enormous and wouldn’t be able to operate covertly (unless you live in the middle of the countryside - in which case you’re Dad is right and should be shitting himself).

people with drones on beaches in the summer piss me off. quite niche I know.

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I have seen them too and they are annoying

Probably scoping out the crab houses

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With all this heat we have been having I am surprised no one has been flying drones over peoples gardens trying to catch them naked sunbathing

Probably too hot for the drones

Drop scones.

If you were lying in your garden maybe with the boy and a drone flew over and dropped off an ice cream wud u eat it?

No I don’t think I would ever eat any unsolicited food in my garden.

Simple solution really: just get some life-size cardboard cutouts of your dad and leave them around the house.

It might have piss on it, for one thing.

I feel like the drone owners might have been being dicks on jet skis before, so it’s a slight improvement

What if it spoke to you, ‘hello sir please have this free ice cream as part of the surrey good garden initiative, keep up the good gardening’ Obviously this would have to be when you were not pissing in the garden

Where’s your dad going?

classic Drone scoping question - I am not falling for it


I have a fleet of security drones swarming my house at all times to protect against this.

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