My dad used to have a wheelbarrow

Like fuck he did.

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Brexit Ballbarrow

You’re living in the past, move on

he’s got eight cars and a house in ireland


I’d love a house with a garden big enough to warrant a wheelbarrow.

(checking my privilege for having a house with some outside space, granted)

Well my dad used to have a rotavator.

Got three in my back garden right now

did you call him mr rotavator


The previous owner of my place left a sack barrow here so I own a sack barrow.

The yard man at work used to have a wheelbarrow, until health and safety clipboard man banned it because - being a wheelbarrow - it only had one wheel.

didn’t know that was what that was called



Sing it

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Used to haves don’t count anymore, they just lay on the floor til we sweep them away.