My dad's currently watching Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

I’ll monitor the situation

Kramer is also good

Tell him to watch it on mute but synced up to Dark Side of the Moon


The mall cop fell over and my dad chuckled. Adverts at the moment, and he isn’t switching over. I think we’re committed to seeing this through.

Although he’s meant to go and pick up a prescription for me soon. I wonder what will win out, his desire to see the rest of Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 or his son’s health.

The Sony movie channel has like a 5 minute showbiz news show halfway through a film. Why in Christ’s name does shit like this exist.

“This is drivel.” He’s changed the channel! Still not went for my essential medication, but small mercies nonetheless.

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My kids love those films. And I’ll be honest, as far as kids films I’d watch again they are right up there.


Wish I’d thought to liveblog the time I had to sit through Daddy’s Home 2. My God it was awful.