My daughter's headphones suddenly stopped carrying the frequencies for voice

Really weird, both sides suddenly turned every music track into a karaoke version, every audio book to silence and every TV show to just background music and effects.

Never known this happen before and it was do odd I wasted 5 mins blaming obscure iPad settings.

Was at the start of a 2 hour flight too.

Sir, this is a Wendy’s.


Its happened to me like 10 years ago, i threw my earbuds in the bin

This is my anecdote for this subject

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That sounds pretty cool tbf

like get new headphones but keep them ones and make choons with 'em

Or write your own book in real time.

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Yeah that is a nutty one although a woman on Twitter said her dad had the same thing for her vocal range due to work-based hearing damage but due to society making women feel like they aren’t important she just grew up thinking he didn’t give a shit what she said :cry:

Why do you keep posting pics of your daughter’s headphones?

Similar thing has happened to me with shitty Argos ones. Was fun for a bit

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Yeah that was my thought. My old Aiwa from c 1994 had that setting and it was pretty weird to use it on Radio 4

Phone upload was being odd at the time. It didn’t show the two uploads there. Sorry.

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Thought this was gonna be a jordan thread

Ouch. I’d best get out the burn cream.