My dudes it is Wednesday

and it’s free for a month so that you can get nice and addicted to caffeine and berries. christ, this is so good it’s evil.

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Also (and this doesnt apply to you or anyone else) but don’t look at recent photos.

Was sent some from a wedding and actually cried.

aw mate you always look great


didn’t have my laptop past 2 days because the charger went, and turns out I don’t like dissing on my phone.

bring back blackberries with keyboards imo

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its just incompatible with my extreme, volume heavy posting style tbh. cba to hold the device in my hands, just wanna bash shit out on the keyboard and wait for those likes.


boop the snoot


when is the weather going to go away please

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Had to sleep on my sofa all this week. My bedroom must be 20 degrees plus even at like 4am. Been bitten all over by midges. Just want it to go away also.

Going to York for a few days in August. Very excited to go to the railway museum.

The weekend apparently. The Amber extreme heat warning gets replaced with a yellow rain warning according to the forecast.

I want a sausage dog


What should I get

  • Sausage dog
  • Ear piercing

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Sausage piercing. Or Prince Albert I believe they refer to it as.



Good idea actually

  • Both

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Don’t pierce the sausage dog’s ear

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or if those ones are too subtle…