My Dying Bride

Somewhat randomly decided to get into this band having not heard anything by them. What’s good?

Lol goth

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How’s the goth dating site going?

Think it was @Ruffers who actually signed up.

You’ll find loads of My Dying Bridge fans there I expect

Got lots of “interest” but it’s behind a paywall so probably not genuine and I’ll never know :’(

Lonely forever, like a true goth

My mate has a great story about going to see MDB at a gig or festival somewhere.

It was a pretty small venue I think and a smallish crowd. Between songs one drunk guy in the audience just chanted the same 3 words over and over again in a droning monotonous voice: “MY BRIAN DIED. MY BRIAN DIED. MY BRIAN DIED…” This went on the entire gig much to the annoyance of the band.

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One of them is the it guy at my dads work and they are now mates


thread delivers!


Like gods of the sun is the best place to start.
Brilliant if silly goth metal.

Turn loose the swans is their classic album but a little harder to get into

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I saw them live not too long ago, was there for the support band Oceans of Slumber. There was quite a lull in their set halfway through but when it picked up it was really good.

Cool, will check it!

Dunno any songs but my dad bought a cd for the guy to sign(blimey)

I remember that Kerrang! used to love them, if that helps

not especially but thank you for the effort!

Alright, Joanna Lumley.

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:smiley: strong posting