My First Book 📖

It’s time I became like other DiSers and learnt how to read.

Please help me in choosing my first book.

Here are the options

  • Karl Marx - Selected Writings
  • Knausgaard - A Death In The Family
  • Hoban - Fremder
  • Johnson - Train Dreams

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You no better starting with Philosopher’s Stone or something?

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it’s a slightly flippant title, I haven’t read a book all the way through since i dropped out of university 13 years ago. Would be nice to have the attention span

they should just come to my other thread instead


I judged these books on their covers, and I selected the nicest one.

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looks like I might get to read the shortest one :smiley: thanks Juke

Because there aren’t 5 there

Marx - Came from University I think when I did a module on Marxism
Hoban - I bought this because I liked Riddley Walker when I read it in A level English but never got round to it.
Johnson - No idea how I got this one
Knausgaard - A friend told me to buy this one when we went to Waterstones once but I never read it.

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gonna close this poll at 5pm and start work on my new passion of reading this evening

By a hairy pothead

some of these might be fun! I think I’d enjoy reading Marx even if it would be slow going.

I also have Born Standing Up by Steve Martin that a late friend gave to me but I don’t know if it would gel with me

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Knausgaard is almost stream of consciousness reportage of his day to day life, so if you’re a fan of Mark Kozelek it might appeal

I think the books are fucking amazing but I suspect they might not be your cup of tea

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The Prisoner of Azkabong

I might hijack this thread later -
Love buying books

Don’t actually read them!

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please feel free!