My First, My Last, My Everything (potential new thread idea)

I was listening to 6music this morning and they had this as a feature that I’d not heard before. Each week someone talks about the first record they bought, the last record (or good recent record) they bought, and their all time favourite record.

I was thinking that it could work well as a DiS thread: each week, maybe on a Sunday, someone gets to choose three albums and we have a chat / general appreciation of them. No scoring, just sharing.

I’d be happy to host. Anyone in? (This might sink without trace - no problem if so).

  • Yes, I’m in

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Is ‘record’ limited to albums or do singles count?

The 6music version is based on albums but people could pick singles / EPs if they wanted?

The 6music one is flexible. Sometimes it’s albums, sometimes it’s songs, sometimes it’s literally the first record bought, sometimes it’s the first record that really meant something (James Acaster talked about buying East 17 in HMV cos they didn’t have what he actually wanted iirc). The Everything is more often an artist rather than a record.

Whatever, I’m in in - I always spend the segment dreaming I’m famous and deciding what I’d pick and say.


Thank you! I’ve only listened to it once so I obviously jumped to conclusions.

Can’t for the life of me remember what the first record was that I bought with my own money. My mum bought me the Irene Cara Flashdance 12” and Now That’s What I Call Music Volume 1.


Oh sorry I clicked “yes I’m in” meaning it sounds a good idea. I would have nothing good to contribute as a contestant though.