My friend pissed all over the bathroom floor last night

I say all over - there was actually a puddle around the toilet itself.

went upstairs to took a piss after him and noticed the puddle. mopped it up, took a piss and went downstairs.

decided I wouldn’t call him out on this (couldn’t be assed) but when I saw him he asked if there was anything up. I clearly am unable to withhold stuff like this.

anyway, said something like ‘man, you pissed on the toilet floor’ to which he replied ‘you know what, one of my other friends has said this to me recently too’

he muttered something about having a foreskin, I suggested maybe a sit down wee is the way forward from here on in and we carried on with the rest of our night.


anyone experienced stuff like this?


Come on, we all have a piss on the floor from time to time.

A mate of mine once pissed in his oven.


How old is this friend? A foreskin should not be a hindrance to accurate pissing.


Is he saying that men with foreskins are more likely to piss on the floor? Really confused by this.

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39 years old. some context for ya - he was the chap who puked right outside my back door too. this may be relevant

maybe he has an excess of foreskin. dunno

Hmm, not having this. Was this Darren?

forecheese skincake

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this story reminds me of ‘the dribbler’ at work. Not been able to identify him but suspect he works for a different company (multi-occupancy building). Seems incapable of using the urinal without creating a puddle of urine on the floor.

thinking about the work urinal also reminds me of ‘foam pisser’ - again unidentified but leaves a really foamy residue in the urinal post piss.

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nah. Darren is in the middle of a personal crisis and has hunkered down for the foreseeable. reached out on a number of occasions, but I’ve reached peak reach-out.

he’ll be reet

My mate who pissed in his oven definitely had a problem with this when very drunk. He’d often pass out, wake up and take a leak somewhere totally inappropriate (and have no knowledge of it the following day). He also pissed in his girlfriend’s wardrobe, the corner of a room at a party and his own pants. This was years ago. It all stopped when he knocked excessive booze on the head. Maybe yer man needs to slow down a bit…

yeah man, there is defo a link between the booze and these other antics. he is a man who once he pops, he just can’t stop

doesn’t even rhyme

A guy I used to work with did this. After a christmas party there were about 5 or 6 of us staying in a fella’s house. We were woken by the guys having a slash against the wall and over some bags and belongs. One of girls that was there uttered in horror “my god, he’s a beast!”. He didn’t seem to embarrassed about it.

I tried to stop my mate who did this at a party (loads of people there, he’d passed out on the sofa and then semi woken up), but once we’d clocked what he was doing there’s not a lot you could. He was barely conscious with a piss-filled wang in his hand. Dangerous situation.

For a long time I wondered who and why ppl were leaving toilets in such a terrible state. I started to think maybe I was the in minority and maybe I was missing out on something. So one day I decided I would just piss all over the place in the cubicle to put me in the mindset of one these ppl, see if there was anything to it. There is nothing to it and I cleared it up straight afterwards.


unless you’ve a medical problem, then you shouldn’t be allowed to call yourself an adult if you can’t use a toilet and leave it in a decent state

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unacceptable. Even if you’re somehow completely unable to aim your piss and completely unwilling to sit down to piss, how could you just leave it there for someone else to wipe up. Wrong’un

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Silks you know when you had your idea of filming yourself one night?

please do it