My girlfriends fridge starts beeping if you leave the door open for a couple seconds

Like a little bitch.

I reckon b*tch is the worst word in the English language


What about moist?

Unfairly derided imo


It’s “bra” but in one of those English accents that makes it sound like “braaar”

I don’t mean for being rubbish or gross though, just find it really viscious and sort of scares me.

Bra isnt great but its better than knickers

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Would have assumed the word used in the OP was pretty much unacceptable these days given its latent inherent sexism but here we are.

Oh and panties is the very worst word. Just awful on every level.


Agree that b***h has no place on here in the year 2022 too.


I like it when it’s used in a positive, taking it back, Lizzo “I just took a DNA test” way though.
Quite often describe myself as one


My new fridge does this also which makes me realise that up until now I’ve just been standing around with the door open which is obviously a total waste of energy. Still quite annoying though.

Managed MOIST and PANTIES as 2 of my first 3 words in countdown.

Fucking prick got MOJITOS and CABINETS to leave me looking a right melt


I think it’s funny to refer to a kitchen appliance as one. Wouldn’t use it to deceive a person obv


or Meredith Brooks, of course.

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Did Susie comment on MOIST? Have seen her complain about it in the past, she hates it.

Managed to get GONADS out on one of my games, best I could manage in this regard.


I apologised in advance for moist

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Normal afternoon broadcast, they asked me to sit back down and just spell it.

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